Monday, December 5, 2011

What Jess Likes: Cuffed Tweed Shorts

It's the season for shopping for others, but in case you feel like picking something up for yourself, I found a fantastic deal at Kohl's.

On clearance for $8.00 from $40.00 in store, but limited sizes. 
The description online says they are brown, but to me they are a grey tweed with little cream flecks in the tweed. They are mid-rise, and have good leg coverage without being too short.

You can get a $5 off coupon by signing up through emails for sales alerts (took about a week for mine to come), and I also found an online coupon they scanned off my phone for 15% off. 

Grand total: $2.55.

Kohl's often seems to have great discounts, send you coupons, and free gift cards in the mail. I am not affiliated with them, but I recommend signing up for the perks. Who doesn't like free things?

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