Thursday, June 30, 2011

I'm sorry...

...that things are going to be very sporadic around here for the next little while. I will be doing posts, but right now I really need to focus on moving and paperwork. I am in the final stages of completing my immigration to the United States to be with my fiance, and as soon as it is approved (next month!), I plan to move within a month. It's a lot to deal with right now, but the end results are so worth it.

I am still reading everyone's posts on their blogs etc, love the new stuff coming out in the new Anthropologie Catalog. Here are some of my picks.

Fatigue Finery Cape: $298 USD (eeks!)

Woven Saddle Boots: $278 USD

Strappy Dandelion Dress: $128 USD
Hmmm this actually would be a pretty cute outfit...wishlisted indeed!

And hello long weekend, for those that celebrate Canada Day and Independence Day, I wish you all the best, and some awesome bbqs!

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