Friday, July 1, 2011

Anthropologie July Sale Finds

Happy Canada Day all my fellow Canadians!

Spent a lovely afternoon on South Granville St. with my friend Vivienne. We walked, window shopped, checked out some shops we rarely get a chance too, and had a great girly time.

And we did a little shopping. I really only had hoped to find the Orchard Grove pullover, but was thrilled to see these other two pieces.

Orchard Grove Pullover (sold out at the Vancouver store I think, but many of the Skewed Pullover left. I was lucky, last one left, in my size, with an extra 20% off.  I really wanted the previous solid version (neo-refinement pullover), but I just couldn't stomach the shipping and duty for the other one, and it wasn't around when I did manage to get to a store in the States.

The widely blogged about and versatile Apothecary Skirt. Both colourways available in Vancouver, though limited sizes. Not much to say that hasn't been said, great colours, length, snaps, and pockets!

And the Epilogue Blouse, previously called the Ivory Tower Tank (sold out online in all colourways). Again last one left, with an extra 10% off. This is a delicate pieces, but I can't wait to wear it with jeans, shorts, under things, and over dresses perhaps?

Hmmm seeing these all laid out together, I want to wear them with each other lol. I think the stripes and floral might be a smidgen too much, but I think the tank and skirt work well together...oh the possibilities.

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