Tuesday, April 19, 2011

An Undercover Topic

Psst...I'm going to talk about underwear...but no worries, PG rated I promise. I hope someone find this a little bit interesting or informative

First up, bras. I went for a bra fitting last week. This is what has pushed me into writing this post. I had thought I was a 36B for about as far back as I can remember buying bras. I never really considered that I could be another size, and even when I found some bras uncomfortable, it didn't cross my mind that perhaps, I wearing the wrong size. Oh no, not possible! So imagine my surprise when the lovely lady helping me announced that in their sizing, I was actually a 36A. Yup, A cup. Bit of a difference no? 

This was my expression, completely accurate I am sure---> O_o;  

It has been a week, and I have had no issues with slipping straps, loose cups, general uncomfortableness. Clothes fit better too! If you have not had a bra fitting in awhile, think about it maybe? No harm from a tape measurer!

Here are a few bra sets from Anthropologie that I am admiring:

 Cyan and Chantilly set: $48-$68 USD. Lovely pieces, but I would wait for a sale.

 Misty Morning set: $12-$24 USD. The colour, and bra shape are gorgeous to me. The price is pretty decent too.

My second bit of information? A slip! Oh slips, how lovely you are. You know when you are wearing tights, and your dresses and skirts decide that they want to plaster themselves to your legs in an obscene manner? A slip will fix that! Or...VPL...visible panty line? Jersey dresses are notorious for causing VPL. I suppose you could wear thong style underwear, but lets be honest, not everybody likes those, or finds them comfortable. Invest in a slip, and it really helps with that.

A pretty slip as well:

 Lace-Edged Slip $58 USD. Also comes in grey. The lace on the top and bottom is a sweet touch.

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