Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ootd: Inspired by Katie (Dress Like a Cute Scientist)

You know those days when you can't decide what to wear? Yes, it was one of those days, but when I was reading some blogs this morning for inspiration, I stumbled upon Katie, who is not only super adorable, but we have the same dress! So thank you Katie, for wearing your Gathered Alyssum dress the other day :)

One thing about this dress is that it is picked up and gathered all around the sides, but I was feeling a bit exposed without tights last summer, so I took down the side gathers. It does make the dress less "gathered" overall, but I feel better sans tights.

Thank you all for the lovey birthday wishes too! Maybe not the best birthday overall, but I had a great evening with friends.

  Hello gorgeous weather! Blue skies, warm shining sun, a great start to 20-something. First day of spring without tights too! Goodness gracious those legs are pale!

Maeve Gathered Alyssum dress, F21 belt, RW&Co drape cardigan worn as a shirt underneath 
Cardigan previously worn here so you can see the shape of it.

Detailing of belt. Love this belt, and it is stretchy, so if I eat too much...

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