Thursday, April 7, 2011

How I want my hair

I am trying very hard to grow out my hair for my wedding later this year. It is quite difficult though! These are the two pictures I am using as hair inspiration.

This as the colour:
Jane from Sea of Shoes. Her hair colour is exactly what I want. Vibrant red with blond throughout.Not a huge change from my current, just a bit more...oomph to it?

And this as the hair style:
 Except with a bit more fuller bangs then in the picture, but just past the shoulders, and some movement. I will take the dress and belt too please!

Must not chop, must not chop. I know you do not have to have long hair for weddings, but Tim really likes long hair, and I have had shorter hair for a few years now, long won't hurt. If I say I want to cut my hair, tell me no!

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