Friday, April 29, 2011

Ootd: I am a tree!

Colour palette that is. I really like brown and green together, or just about any colour combination that nature pairs together. Oh, and taking photos in the late afternoon? A bit more tricky, my favourite picture-taking corner was filled with sunlight (yay!) and shadows from the tree (boo!). I still prefer taking pictures outside though by a a mile. Fluorescent lighting is an evil thing.

 Kindred Spirit Sweaterdress - Anthropologie, Mackage leather jacket - Winners, Hayden Harnett boots, H&M scarf, Joya & Vane locket.

 Have you felt a Mackage jacket before? If not, do, it is like freaking butter...leathery butter, nom nom nom.

Happy Friday, can you guess what I am having for dinner? ._.;;;

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