Sunday, May 1, 2011

For Carly: Forever21 Mint Ruffle Dress review

This is a review for Carly over at Strawberry Heels Forever. She had mentioned earlier this weekend that she had her eye on a specific dress at Forever21 and if I had seen it yet. Well, I had some time to kill before work today, so I took a swing by, and there it was, it all its ruffle glory.

The link for the dress is gone now, but if you go to the website, it is the one in the banner for Love21 Dresses.
The dress (in medium):

 Front View: lots of ruffles, not as body conscious as I thought it would be. The  layers are pretty floaty, and they are slightly angled, so it does not as much bulk as I expected.

 Each layer is separate, with same colour underneath. It is a bit sheer, as you can see.

 Can see the length versus my arm. My arms are a normal length for a 5'6" woman.

Tag and layer detail shot. The colour is a great mint green-blue.

Hope this helps you out Carly!

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