Friday, April 29, 2011

Forever21 Review: Yes, Some More Dresses

Why always dresses? Mostly because I am lazy and do not want to pair tops and bottoms in the changing room. Dresses are a bit easier to handle in small box sized rooms.

Here are a few that might catch your interest:

Dress #1
 Ignoring the funny look on my face, this maxi dress I actually really liked. The colours are nice and vibrant, and the chiffon-like fabric floats away from the body nicely. Not such a fan of the straps though, they are pretty much non-existant, so I am not sure how the bra issue would be addressed.

 You can see how low the dress dips in the front, so a strapless bra might not work?

Dress #2
 Lovely colour on this dress. The tag say dusty blue and I think that suits it perfectly. Not a dress for me though. I have too much on my bottom half for a medium, not enough on top to fill out a large. There is some really nice pleating detail at the waist, and the sleeves have a bit of a puff to them. This dress would be adorable with some brown accessories.

Dress #3
 My face says it all. I picked this up because of the pattern on the fabric. Shapeless and lumpy looking.

 Side view does not make this any better!

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