Friday, March 4, 2011

Ootd: Inspired (or copycat?) outfit

I was totally inspired (or played copycat-ish) of this outfit by Jinah over at bonjour it's jinah! I absolutely love all of her outfits, and we have a similar body shape, so I find it easy to get inspiration from her. When she posted the rust H&M dress, I loved the colour of it, but figured it would be long gone by the time I ever made it to an H&M. When I popped down to Seattle last month, there was one hanging in the SouthCenter store on sale for $15. Yay!

While Jinah has some awesome green fox tights (oh yes, tights with little orange foxes on them!), I went for my green sweater, call me a creature of habit.

H&M rust dress, Random belt, Jcrew Scattered Locket necklace, Gap heather olive cardigan, Old Navy tights, Seychelle's At Last boots.

 Imaginary Internet hugs to the person who can tell me what colour my camera is!

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