Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ootd: Purple Puffs

Nom nom nom. Tonight is like my Friday night, with the weekend being one day? Off to eat sushi with Rachael and her mother, and hangout with friends tonight I think. I recently discovered how delicious Negitoro rolls are (tuna belly with green onion) thanks to one of my co-workers, so I plan on ordering that, hopefully spinach gomae, and some other yummy things. I think I eat sushi quite often, but it is really common here. Can't go more then 2 blocks without finding a restaurant pretty much.

 Urban Outfitter's collaberation dress "Vasia by Ulla Johnson". I love all the puff-like print and pale purple colour. After taking the pictures, I changed to my brown belt, needed a bit more structure in the middle.

 Ponte/leather leggings by Danier, purple cardigan from Jacob, Hayden Harnett Madeleine boots in brandy.
I rarely wear non-stud earrings, so thought I would share. I was under the impression these were my grandmother's, but apparently they were my mother's. Thanks for the correction mom :)

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