Thursday, March 17, 2011

Oh Reverse Reverse...

I love your pricing. 
I love that you do flat rate (and cheap) shipping to Canada. 
I love that you use USPS and Canada Post so I don't have to pay an arm and leg in duty (if I have to at all).
I don't love that things take a month to come.
But your customer service was very friendly!

Hello coat, you would have been perfect in February, not so much on St. Patrick's Day. But it does have some green in it, so that sort of works? And I have on a green (teal) sweater on underneath. No pinching allowed please.

 BB Dakota Bostwick coat in Camel Beige colourway. Still on the site in Medium and Large. For reference I chose a medium. I first saw this coat on Rosa at Love at First Shop, and it was just that, love. It might have been because I have the same skirt that she paired with it...

Is it wrong to hope for chilly weather so I can wear this some more until the fall?

*So my house is being re-piped (so!) and things are all scattered, namely my brain, so I am extending my giveaway until Thursday the 24th so that I don't forget something. Hope you all understand!*

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