Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Anthro-inspired outfit part 2

Having already covered the Anthro-inspired look for casual wear, the next step would be the dressed up one.  When I think of Anthropologie what first comes to mind is one part whimsy, one part pattern, and one part unique.  Using these three parts, I can create my own inspired looks using different brands and price points.

This is an outfit I wore on Saturday to one of my work's holiday parties.  I will have a few more chances to dress up this month, and while I considered wearing the ruffian dress + cascading tulle cardigan (as worn here by Laura at Anthro Closet Chaos) at the last minute I changed my mind.  It was a good thing too, most people showed up in jeans or leggings.  Granted we were at a house, but I was still over-dresses.

So looking at my outfit, it was broken down into whimsy (the floral patterned tiered dress), pattern (tights), and unique (sequin drape vest).  Throw in a pair of boots, and I was all set.  My first choice for shoes were a pair of brown heels with snakeskin patterned wrapped heels from Aldo, but it was pouring rain out.  Not too practical to walk around Vancouver in.

I will admit that the best part of the outfit was that outside of shoes, the total cost was $37 before taxes.  All pieces can be worn again in different way, dressed up or down.

Dress and sequined vest from winners, tights are old navy, boots are corso como theresa.

As I was poking around on the Ruche website, I found my dress! It is here, but apparently sold out.  The brand is called Mine, and if you are in Canada, check your Winners, it was on clearance for $20 there.

Happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. That's a pretty brilliant outfit, I love the addition of the sequin vest. Too bad we don't have Anthro eh?


    Come say Bonjour at:


  2. Love your $37 outfit. The sequinned vest makes it look like it's worth 10 times more than that! Loving those Old Navy tights. I love patterned tights. The dress is a total stunner - such an interesting hem! I can see that it is very Anthro inspired :-)

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  4. Jess,

    I adore this outfit. I adore the price tag too. But you are seriously going to freeze. The sequin vest is perfect. And while I can't possible hope to wear a bubble hem dress, I can admire it on you. Those tights are serious pattern/texture.

  5. Thanks 20 York Street :) yes, it is too bad, but that always gives me somewhere good to shop in the states.

    Thanks Jen! I am in love with the vest, shiny shiny shiny, like a magpie lol.

    Nice to meet you Alysia! I will check out your blog as well :)

    Aw thanks Laura! Don't worry, I had a nice warm coat over top, and we stayed indoors mostly, I was nice a warm.

  6. Thanks for popping by my blog!!! I'm a follower now too!
    And I'm definitely going to have to go to winners... I'm in love with the volume of that dress.