Saturday, December 11, 2010

Anthro-inspired outfit part 1

As you might have figured out by now, my favourite store is Anthropologie.  Sadly for me, there are none in my near vicinity, but happily for my wallet the same applies.  If I had a great income I bet most of my clothes would come from that store, and quite a few home goods as well.  

I have found that if I look around, I can similar pieces at a much more wallet-friendly price point.  Winners is one place that works well for this.  The one here at least gets a wide range of styles, and if you have the time to look through the racks, you can find some neat little items.

This short-sleeved sweater instantly reminded me of the sweaters from Anthropologie with the asymmetrical buttons and different ways to adjust the neckline.  The black skinny jeans and boots are also common in many different catalog stylings.

 Sweater- Pink Rose (Winners), black skinny jeans (Winners), Hayden Harnett joey cuff, Seychelle's At Last boots in tan

 Close up of the button detailing.  You can play with the neckline too.  If you button it all up, you get a funnel neck, or can undo here and there for a more textured look.


  1. I was in Anthro this past week on the Promande and would have bought a moss green short sleeve shirt, but alas they don't come in my size, but I thought of you as Olivia and I toured the place.


  2. I feel for you Jess. There aren't any Anthro stores near me either! I have to rely on online. *big sigh*.
    Just because there is no Anthro near you, doesn't mean you miss out on all the fun! Your Anthro-inspired outfit looks very Anthro indeed (gee, how many times have i used the word "Anthro" in this comment..heheh")!
    The top looks similar to an Anthro jacket i have seen, but forgot the name of it!

  3. Aw I am sorry mom, I bet it was a cute shirt too :) Tim likes to wander around the anthro stores too, but then he usually ends up sitting on one of the couches waiting for me.

    Hi Jen! Anthro anthro antho lol. I noticed there was a sweater in the September catalog that has the same idea with button, a brown one, but that one is a bit nicer and heavier then mine. Anthropologie should really open up a store in Australia, I am sure they would do really well :)

  4. Great Anthro look alike! Especially the top. I love items that give you options on how you want the neckline to look. That way you can style it to make it more flattering for your body type. Or even layer it under or over a top or a dress. Bako doesn't have Winners. Even our Target seems to be devoid of the items I see on other bloggers. Even I stretch my budget thin buying Anthro. And I make a pretty decent living. Can't wait to see the Part II.