Thursday, August 5, 2010

What I like: Iona Beach

Now this little local bit of parkland is not really well known by everyone. It took me a good twenty years to actually go out and visit it, how sad is that? Yesterday, I spent the afternoon and evening with an old friend from highschool, and we started off by taking a nice walking along Iona Beach. Although it does have a little bit of a beach (mostly rocks), the main attraction is a nice land pier that extends a mere four kms out and back. To put that into perspective, it pretty much lines up with the UBC endowment lands. It is really peaceful to walk out along, and the farther you go, the less people there seems to be! Go figure eh? The best part of course is the view, which cannot be beat. To the left you have the international airport, so you get to see many planes coming and going up close, and to the right, lots of trees and shoreline.

I really recommend this place as somewhere to go and relax, but do not go out too late or the mosquitoes might start to bite.

On a side note, jack fruit milkshake? Yummy!


  1. I remember our blackberry adventures out there last year! mmm :)

  2. those were fun :) but the walk is worth it too