Saturday, August 14, 2010

Strolling in Steveston

Went for a lovely walk today with Tim today in Steveston. Steveston is the local boardwalk and tourist area with plenty of quaint little shops, tasty restaurants, and service shops. It is a great place to go and spend some time. Be sure to check out the antique and thrift stores too, you can usually find something for a great price there.

Our thrifting today resulted in a brand new, still in the package, Final Fantasy Anthology collectors edition game for the playstation one for $2.50. Bit of a geeky moment, but both Tim and I were thrilled with this discovery, as the collection contains my favourite game ever!

Here are a few pictures from our walk. The statues are a new edition to the heritage site, and represent three different workers having a break. They are interactive sculptures and the public are encouraged to play around with them and have fun.


  1. Hi Jess,

    Loving the purple. The entire ensemble is simple in attitude, but big on style. I think sometimes I go out a little too far. Then when I see something like this it makes me think.

    Love the messenger bag. And the brown tones of the snadals and double belt are great with all your RED hair.

    You live a picturesque little community.

    Love, Laura

  2. Hi Laura!

    Thanks for the post! I disagree about you going out too far, I love all the accessories and little touches that you add to your outfits. I should branch out more with mine, usually happens more in the winter though. It was so hot that day I just wanted to wear as little as possible but still be decently covered.

    That area of the city is really picturesque. There is a nice mix of just about everything here.