Friday, July 30, 2010

What I might like?

3D Printing. I was shown a link this morning dealing with 3D printers and the use of them in the future as a way to make clothing. While the article at Gizmodo describes how some designers already use the printer to create textiles, it further goes on to explain how it could be used to create garments. The downside? The images shown are mostly chain-mail looking fabrics, which while breezy, may not be for everyone.

My personal opinion on this idea is that yes, it could be an efficient way to create and cut down on labour and supplies, it would also definitely take away from the appeal and uniqueness of both hand-sewn, and designed goods. There is something to be said for sewing your own creations, and while I personally do not sew my own clothes, I appreciate the hard work that goes into someones work. I think this could be something to watch out for in the future, and see if it does come around.

What are your thoughts? I would love to know!


  1. What is going on here? No updates for days now! What are your loyal followers supposed to do???!!???

  2. There! read about the beach oh loyal follower

  3. but but....I voted for fashion! Screw the me more clothes, shoes and handbags!!!