Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What I like: Days off!

Why do I like days off? No uniform! I wear a uniform five days a week, so I treasure my two days greatly. Besides getting to sleep in, run errands, go out with friends, I get to dress however I want. This usually means something colourful, has ruffle, or not black and khaki (with a few exceptions). I had mentioned in my first post that this blog would include fashion, either what I am wearing, or things that I like. So here is my first "I like what I am wearing today" post!

Unfortunately, nothing is current in stores anymore, and all items have been bought over the last two years. The upside is that you can stay current without needing to go out and buy often.

The shirt is from Anthropologie, found two years ago in Las Vegas for $9.99! I love the neckline on the shirt, but sometimes just don't know what to pair with it. It is a bit short in length, so wearing a higher-waisted skirt eliminates that issue. I find that wearing skirts higher up with a belt is a great way to elongate legs. The skirt is from Jcrew, and is a really pale grey. Obi sash is also from Anthropologie and even though it is green, it makes a great neutral accent to an outfit. Shoes are from Aldo, which are surprisingly comfortable, given the brands issue with comfort.


  1. Jess, I completely agree about styling from the closet. I will usually order the focal point top or dress. Then use stuff in my closet to re-create a look-a-like.

    I have posted another Anthro outfit on my blog that uses one sale item from Anthro to recreate the outfit.

    An OOTD Replication - Anthro's Hibiscus and Egglant Outfit.

    I added your blog to my List and I am now Following yours.

    Please Follow Anthro Closet Chaos and add me to your Blog List.



  2. Already did Laura! Thank you for your feedback, I will try to be posting more clothes more often :)