Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cheap Thrills!

Of course I am talking about clothes, what on else would it be? Just a quick post to show my outfit of the day. Lovely sunny day today, but was too hard to take pictures outside, the sun would wash everything out.

This is my bit of jumping on the lace shirt bandwagon. I am a bit too modest to do a full lace shirt, so this is just a bit on the top. I found it for $5 from Winners summer clearance event. The teal skirt was also $5, and it really reminds me of the very popular "great escape" skirt from Anthropologie, complete with the pleating on the bottom hem. The shoes I found while visiting my mom in LA at the Santa Monica Promenade Anthropologie, and have a small cuban heel which is great for the pedestrian in me.


  1. I see the Corso Comos in Black. Is the leather dull or shiny? I need a pair of Black shoes. And I do like the shoes, just not in the dull raspberry color. When I bought them online I thought they were red.

    Love your great buys on the skirt and top. Still loving that double buckle belt.

    I didn't know this is a Cuban heel. They must be hollow wood, because they make a loud racket on tile floors.

    Love, Laura

  2. Hi Laura :)

    The leather is like a pebbled black, so not shiny, but not dull either. They say inside that they are by All Black though, but they look the same as yours. Yes, the shoes do make that great click-clack noise!