Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What Jess Likes: Shopping....

Over the last 24 hours, there has been quite an incident happening in the little corner of the internet that I frequent. A well-known (non-affiliated to Anthropologie) Anthropologie blogger has fallen into the spotlight for some bad practices and perhaps stealing (it seems to be the case, I was not involved, so I do not know through first hand experience) As anyone who knows me knows, I really like Anthropologie. As in, really really like, and when I was working, I loved to spend money there. 

Please excuse the rather lengthy blog post coming up, I need to get things off my mind.

While reading the many threads and posts about all of this, the topic of finances and over-spending keeps on popping up. This has now made me reflect on my own spending habits. Up until about 3 months ago, I had a pretty decent amount of disposable income. I would say about 20% of my income was not tied into monthly expenses/savings/etc. I was saving up for moving to the states, our wedding and honeymoon, etc. I did not overspend, but if I wanted something reasonable, I really didn't have to worry about affording it or not. Now, could I buy things full priced at Anthropologie? Not with a clear conscious. However, a dress or a pair of shoes (who am I kidding, a pair of boots!) here and there was ok.

Then things happened out of my control. Issues with my family meant my wedding savings were pretty much gone, and with moving to the states, I wouldn't have my own income due to immigration status. Am I fine? Totally. Can I spend how I was before? Heck no. This is a huge adjustment to me. I still see things and go, ooh nice, that would be great, and then I need to hold myself in check. Do I really need another dress/coat/pair of boots? I do realize now that I have a bit of an issue with shopping. Maybe that is why my posting has slowed down, that I do not feel...inspired? Which is silly, I did not create this blog to show off new things. I created it to share creativity and my life with friends and family. So why would I need to buy things to have things to write about? Time to get out of that rut I think.

I know this is a bit random, but today really got my mind thinking. I feel better writing all of this down too, maybe that is why people write in journals and diaries. I really never was one to do that, but I guess this would be my version of that. Thanks little corner of my blog world for letting me vent.


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