Sunday, September 18, 2011

What Jess likes: New tights for winter, and some curtains

After accidentally buying one panel of the wrong size thermal curtains (on clearance no less!) at Target this weekend, I had to resort to tracking some down online. Sadly, the two more I want are not on sale. However, with current target promotions, I paid an extra $3 for 3 pairs of tights vs. just purchasing the curtain panels. Hooray for random $5 off and free shipping. 

The main colors of the bedroom are maroon, deep purple, and a rusty orange. These curtains work perfectly, apparently keep the heat in/or out, and are also blackout. The pattern is nice and subtle in person too. Once I have my full set up, I will take some house pictures.

And my essentially "free" add-ons.
Burgundy Tights. Hoping they are a bit more red then they appear online.

These Floral Tights will be great for solid print dresses and skirts.

And a little sparkly with Silver Moss Tights. I think these will be great with my Made-to-Measure skirt.

 I am still looking for a couple more pairs to replace some that were snagged up last year, but these three will be a great start.


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