Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fall 2011 Wishlist

So it is official, I have my documents in hand, hello Redmond, here I come (in a couple of weeks).

Which also means I will be married in 3 weeks, and 3 days time. Eeks! Most of the house is packed, my clothing selection is small at the moment, and most free time when not working is devoted to house cleaning and fixing little things here and there.  

Since I will have just moved, most expenses for the next little bit will be for house/moving/immigration expenses, but my favourite season is fast approaching.

 Anthropologie Counting Angles dress by Plenty by Tracy Reese. I think this would be a great fall transitional piece. Would work great with boots and a leather jacket to me. It just got a second cut to $49.95...so tempting.

Forever21 black and brown knit blazer. I picked up a navy and cream one earlier this summer that is double breasted and I found it has been very versatile.  This version should be as well. Priced at $29.80, it has a nice fit, so maybe maybe.

 Anthropologie Horkelia Shift in Orange. Ahh lace, and orange! Priced at $179 USD, I would like this to go on sale soon, then maybe. Perfect for fall with my staple uniform of tights, jacket/sweater, and some sort of boot.

What is on your mind for fall these days?

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