Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Something Similar: Anthropologie Galah Dress vs Hayden Harnett Plume Wrap Dress

I was catching up on blogs this morning, and over at J'aime shopping, I saw a review of a dress that caught my attention. For one, a feather printed frock, and also, because Anthropologie's Galah Dress eerily reminded me of Hayden Harnett's Plume wrap dress.

While the Galah dress has an extra seem on the arms, the overall silhouette and print are definitely similar. I have the Plume wrap dress, and comparing how J'aime shopping looks in the Galah dress to myself in the Plume dress, the fit of the dress is the same. 

I find that a wrap dress is a great piece and works for many different situations, so here are a few feather printed ones that have struck my fancy. Not affiliated to any of the following.

 A|wear Feather Print Dress- Asos
 Love the colours of this one. It would be fabulous in the fall with boots/booties, tights, and a chunky knit cardigan.

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