Saturday, June 18, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Sorry for the slight absence...

I ended up working 8 days straight, so I had nothing to show, except for the few posts here and there. Should be back to normal now. Although, since we finalized our new house purchase(!!!), I think I might end up looking more and home goods/design things, would you all be ok with some posts on that, or would you prefer if I started a different page for that?

 This is the gap dress all stylized and wearable. The style of the shift dress is a bit blocky, but I have no issues with wearing a belt on top.

Gap drop-waist shift dress, Target boots, F21 belt, Jcrew locket necklace.

 Oh happy day! A day off! Sorry for the icky sun glare in the photos, my neighbours were gardening in the backyard, and it was a bit too strange to take photos in front of them.

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