Friday, April 15, 2011

H&M Spring Review

So this time I checked out my local H&M to do a few little reviews of items that caught my eye. Please excuse the date stamp, I forgot to take it off in some of the pictures.

 First up! Beige beaded collar short sleeve sweater. Priced at $39.95 CAD. I found the sweater to be very soft. Pictured is a size medium.

 The beading looked to be pretty secure, but there is a lot of it. Lightweight though, so does not pull down on the chest.

 Not too short in the torso, I can see this looking fantastic with skirts and pants.

 Open back maxi dress. This was priced at $79.95 CAD (seriously H&M? $80?) But truth be told, if it had fit me right, I would be have likely caved. I am wearing a size 6, but it was really tight in the chest. Uncomfortably so. No size 8 to compare to as well. It is also super long. I am 5 foot 6, and there were a good 2-3 inches on the ground. The plus? Pockets, lovely material, and the pattern was neat and unexpected. I think they are buildings?

 Here is a shot of the back. Do you see where it dips down? That part did not fit flat against my lower back, and I felt oddly exposed, like someone could look at my backside. I really did like this dress, it just did not work well.
 The widely blogged about pocket skirt. In khaki and navy. This is a  medium. The small fit fine, but I sized up for length. On sale right now for $10 (normally $19.95 CAD).
 This ruffle eyelet dress is from the Conscious Collection. I only found a size 8, and it was a bit shapeless on the bottom half. Size 6 would have been better. Priced at $49.95 CAD, this was really nice, and well made, including a lining. I tried belting it to get more shape, but lost too much length.
Also, these two scarfs:
 Floral peach and grey scarf. $14.95 CAD. Very large and soft.

 Ivory lace scarf. $6.95 CAD. Fairly narrow scarf, but will look great with lightweight spring jackets.

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