Monday, March 28, 2011

What I like: Forever21

So I am liking this idea of having a weekly post featuring a store, and a few items I am liking from them at this moment. Would you all find this to be something good to continue?

Before Forever21 opened at my local mall I was ehh on them. Too much stuff overload with a few gems here and there. The problem would be that things online look so much different then they do in person. But now that there is one very close by and accessible to me, I can look at things in person, and have more fun browsing.

My advice? Go on a day that teenagers should be in school! My favourite time so far is around 10am, just after they open. Clean, relatively organized, and not a lineup for the fitting room.

What has caught my eye at Forever21 right now:

 A-Line Lace Skirt: $29.80 CAD. Ivory lace skirt, that is not short (yay!) How cute would this be with brown boots or booties, and a blazer?

 Button Tab Slv Coat: $35.80 CAD. Saw this in person the day after the new store opened. I held onto it, but put it back at the last second. Of course, it was gone the next time I was there. It is back online now. The colour is this great dusty rose/brown, with crocheted detailing at the sleeves.
Colourblock Wide Belt (Brown): $6.80 CAD: Nice earthy tones with antiqued brass buckle.

Fish Whimsical Necklace: $6.80 CAD. I saw this in the gold colourway, and I really like the "crystal" scales. Fish things make me happy, if you could not tell, and this look like a perfect everyday type of necklace. I am sure the silver version is great too.

Anything from F21 that has piqued your interest?

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