Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Testing testing one two (70?)

I was very lucky this holiday and received a new camera (thank you dear!), so today was my first time trying it out.  The title comes from the fact that this camera has a continuous burst setting, meaning I can take (in this case) 10 shots, with one click of the button.  About 10 minutes later I had 70 shots to pick from... oh my!  There are a lot of functions to learn on this camera (Canon SD 40000 Elph). 

Going out for barbeque tonight, and I am really looking forward to it!  I want to test out the camera with indoor nighttime shots, so this will be a good place for a trial.
Sage green, dusty rose (oh my gosh I am wearing pink!), and ivory, one of my favourite combinations.
In a twinkling dress - anthro
Open front sequined drape cardigan - rw & co (big sale on now!)
Knit beret - anthro (picked up in NY, not sure of the name?)
Purple tights - gap


  1. Goodness, if i had a dollar for each time i read about a blogger getting a new camera for Christmas, why i'd have enough to get a new dress! hehe..congrats on your new toy!
    These pictures are lovely, and i love how you paired the white dress with the purple cardi and knit beret. So cute!

  2. yay for new cameras! I still have no clue how to use mine after a couple months... now where did i put that manual?? haha

    I love the trim on your cardigan! sparkle, sparkle!

  3. These colors are so fresh and pretty. I'm tiring of Black and Grey. Wish I had went for the Dress back when. It seems to look great on everyone and in so many ways. What usually works for many is hideous for me.

    Sorry for sparse commenting. In my 22 year old sons room on his PC. He is getting impatient. I have been trying to catch up for 4 hours now. It's not possible. My butt hurts from his chair. ouch!

    I'm so jealous of the new camera. Did you get a tripod too? I'm tired of stacking stools. My camera only has 2 shot burst. What about a remote?