Friday, January 27, 2012

Thrifting Finds: Hello Deletta shirt, would you come home with me?

I was out with a friend looking for suiting pieces for some upcoming interviews, and came across this lovely shirt.

Deletta "Nexus" Shirt in Rose
Pink, ruffles, rosettes? Check. 
In my size?  Check.
Mint condition? Check.
$4 price tag? Check.

I find that Deletta makes my favorite shirts at Anthropologie. Great girly details with soft and durable cotton.

Such as this warm weather (or layering) staple for me.
Deletta "Camelot" Tank

I don't normally find Anthropologie items at my local thrift store, so this was a pleasant surprise. Also picked up a brown tweed skirt suit for a very reasonable $20. No picture of that though.

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