Monday, January 16, 2012

Outfit of the Day: Snow Flowers

Well, it turns out the combination of a federal holiday and snow and ice on the roads means the city shuts down and Tim doesn't have to go into work today. Extra long weekend yes please! Though being stuck up a hill isn't too exciting.

Of course, getting dressed for a snow day in a floral skirt makes total sense. Can you can see the serious snow bunny side of me?

 Tim's snow baby.

 Coat - BB Dakota "Bostwick" Coat. Here on sale for $80 in 4 colors/patterns. The coat isn't lined, so it's not for very cold temperatures. But I wore it out to walk in the snow with a sweater underneath and I was plenty warm. 

 Boots - Kelsi Dagger Mashita (also known as Anthropologie's Taiga Oxford Boots). See them on JG here.

Floral Skirt - H&M, Striped Knit Blazer and black over pink lack shirt - Forever21.

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