Monday, November 21, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Do you do the Black and Brown?

I love black and brown together, it is such a fun combination that has been booed by "fashion rules". I know for some it is just black and cognac that should live happily side-by-side, but I also think black and mahogany brown are great.

I threw this outfit together to see if this skirt was a keeper or not. I made it last week, mainly as a test for the fabric weight and feel, but I am thinking it might just be a keeper? 

 I was inspired by the full and higher waist skirts from Anthropologie, like the Great Escape skirt. I put an exposed zipper in the back in a dark taupe color, and still trying to decide on either an awesome button to finish it off or a cute little bow with a snap on the back.

Skirt - hand made, Knit blazer + lace tank - Forever21, Tights - Old Navy, Lucky Penny Boots - Anthropologie (Road Not Taken Boots), Starfish Necklace - Old Navy

So yay or nay to the skirt? I don't have anything else in this color, but I have a ton of the fabric. I am one or two dresses in the near future.

If you search "handmade" on my blog, you can see the dress and other skirt I made as well! I like blogspot, but not the fact I can't have two separate pages going on.

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