Friday, November 18, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Argyle and Checks

This outfit is straight up copied from Love At First Shop, who has some great personal style (if you haven't read her blog, check it out!) I have a bit of trouble styling this shift due to the rather unsubtle pattern, and when I remember her wearing it, I was glad to have another idea. I like the idea of it paired with the shirt underneath though, and Rosa's cue to toughen it up with leather. A worn leather jacket and some (sort of tough) boots work well with the argyle I think. Maybe I will try it with a belt next time?

 Argyle Shift Dress - JCrew, Checked Blouse - Old Navy, Leather Jacket -The Bay, Tights - Hue, Boots - Kelsi Dagger Mashita, Locket -  Joya and Vane at Anthropologie

Ohhhh pattern mixing (with neutrals, a bit tame).

 So I made a skirt yesterday, but it is a bit eh. I think the length might be too short for weight of the fabric. It is a bit puffy on the sides, and even though it is a high-waist + full skirt, my husband was unsure. He doesn't like the pouf though in anything. Silly boys. I'll style it up, and maybe you lovely readers can weigh in on it? 

Happy Friday everyone!

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