Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ootd: polka dot bandwagon

Here I am jumping on the polka-dotted bandwagon. 

I do not really have that many polka-dots, and I like the subtle dots on this dress. It is from Tracy Reese's Plenty line, and is called the Pocket Frock dress. It was a gift from Tim for Christmas, and I finally got around to wearing it and taking a picture the same time.

 Cardigan & necklace - JCrew, purple tights - Gap, Hayden Harnett Madeleine boots
Polka dot umbrella - from my mom!

 We went out for brunch this morning, but not before discovering the hot water tank was still having issues. Turns out the reset button had been tripped. Good thing it was an easy fix (aka push a button), there are enough issues going around the house with drywall and piping.

The weird white lines going on the pictures are raindrops, not grey hairs or threads, I promise.

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