Sunday, December 5, 2010

Texture and patterns and lions oh my!

I lied, there are no lions in the following post.  Why would there be lions walking around my house?  There is a stray orange cat wandering around the neighbourhood, but he is not in my house.  But oh, how there will be patterns and textures.

I can't quite pull off the polka dot and floral trench yet, but how about herringbone and a modified plaid print?
I love this cardigan but it does absolutely nothing for my middle section.  Why the love?  The back  is frigging awesome and it has tulle!  Like, prancing ballerina tulle, without looking like I am wearing a tutu.
Too much pattern?  Not enough pattern?

Jcrew vintage cord mini in purple, Sparrow Cascading Tulle cardigan, Old navy herringbone tights, Schuler & Sons sweater-cuffed booties (not really visible)

I should have gone outside for pictures, but there are technical difficulties with that area of the house at the moment, hopefully outside pictures can resume in this upcoming week.

I hope everyone is having a nice and relaxing weekend!


  1. Loving the tulle. Sometimes I wish I was 5 so I could dance around in a tulle skirts all the time.

    I'm a nervous pattern mixer... meaning I rarely do it because it scares me. However, I think you look great! Those tights are nice!

  2. Hi Viktoria! I think you could totally pull of mixing up some patterns but on the other hand I understand the apprehension. By the way, I love that you went for the skinny jean with boots look. It looks adorable on you!

  3. Yes, yes, yes! I have the Cascading Tulle Cardi. I fixed mine. It's perfect. Who ever designed this was genius. Whoever constructed it was a complete moron huh? You can fix this! Can you sew? Do you have an email? If not I will turn it into a Post. It's so easy you can dovit with needle and thread. I will take picks of mine and send you. All I did was put darts in the back. Folded the pointed end piece and sewed 2 Snaps to the inside and re-aligned the ties on the inside. I now have a custom fit. The amazing thing is I just finished it last night. Then I see you wearing it. I know you have the Sweater Cuff Booties. Do you also have the Jacqaurd Gala Dress by Ruffian? Have you never gone into my Virtual Closet on my Blog. I wonder how much Anthro we have in common. I am wearing mine to my co party next week. I also have a gorgeous scarf that I wear as a wrap since the jacket is so warm. Your outfit is perfect. I wore mine with a black mini once last year. Way to go Jess!

  4. Ohh yes I sew Laura :D yes email me (or do a post?) !

    yes I have that dress too! I don't think we have that much more in common, my anthro is a fairly recent love hehe. And thank you :D Ohh excited, I would love some advice for how to fix the troublesome part!

  5. I am already working on a Page Tab to add to my Blog. Just in case others have the Cardi and want to tailor it. Should get it done tomorrow.