Friday, December 24, 2010

Good tidings to you!

Happy Christmas Eve everyone!  Hope your day is full of good food, good company, and relaxation.  We are having a non-traditional dinner tonight of homemade Taiwanese beef noodle soup, but I am secretly hoping that it will become our family tradition from now on.  With dumplings too!

It has been pouring out for the last few days, so I guess instead of a white Christmas, we are having a wet one.  Typical Vancouver weather.
 Gap dress and tights, forever21 drape cardigan, hayden harnett riding boots.  Perfect get up for last minute grocery shopping, and deal finding.  And yes, belt is riding up a bit high in the photos, oops!

I have three days off in a row, that means nailpolish! Detail shot, it is a greyish-mauve colour.
 Have a great day and night everyone!


  1. Merry Christmas Jess! funny that you had taiwanese noodle soup instead of the traditional turkey and ham etc. And dumplings too - cool!
    Love your party outfit and love the pattern of your tights. Nice nails too - you put mine to shame :-)
    Have a good one!

  2. Yeah for breaking tradition. Love the shopping get-up. Looks very comfortable too. We had 5 inches of rain in one week. More than an average year. The neighborhood 2 blocks North of my house flooded with 2 ft of water into the homes. My Laptop is out of commission. So my commenting is sporadic until it's repaired. Happy Late X-Mas!