Friday, July 30, 2010

What I might like?

3D Printing. I was shown a link this morning dealing with 3D printers and the use of them in the future as a way to make clothing. While the article at Gizmodo describes how some designers already use the printer to create textiles, it further goes on to explain how it could be used to create garments. The downside? The images shown are mostly chain-mail looking fabrics, which while breezy, may not be for everyone.

My personal opinion on this idea is that yes, it could be an efficient way to create and cut down on labour and supplies, it would also definitely take away from the appeal and uniqueness of both hand-sewn, and designed goods. There is something to be said for sewing your own creations, and while I personally do not sew my own clothes, I appreciate the hard work that goes into someones work. I think this could be something to watch out for in the future, and see if it does come around.

What are your thoughts? I would love to know!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What I like: Days off!

Why do I like days off? No uniform! I wear a uniform five days a week, so I treasure my two days greatly. Besides getting to sleep in, run errands, go out with friends, I get to dress however I want. This usually means something colourful, has ruffle, or not black and khaki (with a few exceptions). I had mentioned in my first post that this blog would include fashion, either what I am wearing, or things that I like. So here is my first "I like what I am wearing today" post!

Unfortunately, nothing is current in stores anymore, and all items have been bought over the last two years. The upside is that you can stay current without needing to go out and buy often.

The shirt is from Anthropologie, found two years ago in Las Vegas for $9.99! I love the neckline on the shirt, but sometimes just don't know what to pair with it. It is a bit short in length, so wearing a higher-waisted skirt eliminates that issue. I find that wearing skirts higher up with a belt is a great way to elongate legs. The skirt is from Jcrew, and is a really pale grey. Obi sash is also from Anthropologie and even though it is green, it makes a great neutral accent to an outfit. Shoes are from Aldo, which are surprisingly comfortable, given the brands issue with comfort.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What I like: Hayden Harnett

One of my favourite designers at the moment is Hayden Harnett. Based out of Brooklyn, NY. the design and business duo of Toni Hacker and Ben Harnett create unique leather wares and apparel. While they have a fairly large celebrity following and even launched a line with Target, I feel they are not well known on the Canadian west coast. Although I personally find the retail price to be a bit steep for my tastes, when this designer has sales, do they ever have sales, making things very affordable. The leathers used for the bags are soft and scrumptious, and the detailing is usually fantastic. I have two bags from them, both in no longer produced styles. The barnard crossbody in persian rose, and the origami bag in blueberry/brandy. Apparel? Well lets not go there, I love their clothing more then their bags.

As any online shopper in Canada knows, duties, shipping, and taxes are usually quite high, so please take that into consideration when placing orders. Also, even though USPS tends to cost more, they seem to have a lower handling fee. Even better, if you someone in the US, consider shipping to them.

My likes for Hayden Harnett right now are:

Bag: Yam Shine Trophy, what is not to love? Orange, big, and shiny
$339 US (reg. $678 US)

Accessory: Lava Cuff in Doe, simple, large enough to make a statement
$98 US (wait for a sale!)

Apparel: Galileo Dress in Bone, unique style with a large cutout back
$37.60 US (reg. $188US)

(not affiliated with Hayden Harnett)

Hello world!

Corny? Yes, but then again, so am I. First post on this blog, and what to say. Well the reason for this is to share with my friends and family, and hopefully to inspire someone out there in some way.

So what do I like? The four "F's", fashion, family, and friends, in no particular order of course. So that is what will be featured on this blog, with a dash of travel and who knows what else.

What I like today (pictured at right):

Koi ring from nOir. Priced at $125.00US from nOir, Gilt is currently featuring the ring for $54.00US. I have seen images of the porcupine ring floating around for a while, but this one really strikes my fancy. Mostly because it is a fish, an oddly cute one at that.